Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Calling All Marketers & Print Buyers

Large format printers produce a lot more than trade show properties!

SpeedPro Denver prints GREAT. BIG. GRAPHICS. for all departments
SpeedPro Denver can support your marketing including all events—internal, external and sponsorships. And, we can support your facilities, HR, sales, and operations teams with signage of all types and sizes. With our specialized equipment we regularly produce:
Banners for the sponsorships, trade shows, industry events, and the company picnic—hanging and re-usable retractables. Scrim banners are commonly used for outdoor signage while smooth banners present crisp images--even up close. Let us know the setting, and we’ll recommend the right material.
Canvas prints–line the hallways with artwork, no framing necessary! An affordable option for even the smallest business, canvas prints have a soft feel and look.
Door signage–quick identification for the conference rooms, access restricted, supplies, you name it. Choose a substrate that will stay up for years or one that can be easily removed.
Easel prints–for the lobby to welcome guests. Customized messages printed quickly and inexpensively add sophistication to welcome VIPs.
Elevator wraps–entertain and inform employees and visitors. Still a novelty, use this space to reinforce your brand and key messages.
Employee of the Month or Reserved parking space signs that hold up in the elements–visually reward your best employees. Printed on substrates such as Max-metal, signs will stay up weather the elements for years.
Exterior signage of your logo in full color—be easy to find and memorable. Options range from single block lettering to wall murals to 3D treatments.
Lobby, interior and conference room windows with your logo full color or frosted—reinforce your brand. Window film such as Glass Adhere is removable and reusable but can also stay in place for years.
Seasonal graphics for the lobby and lunchroom—bring color to a typically sterile setting. Thin poster boards that can easily be hung and removed from most surfaces are affordable and fun.
Visuals for the big sales meeting–podium signs and posters in any size. Your speakers will appreciate the chance to customize messages and your audiences have come to expect it.
Tents and flags–create shade to show you care about your employees. Fluttering flags are fun and eye-catching. Tents for outdoor events can be nearly any size; cover your trade show table or a crowd of hundreds.
Vehicle wraps or decals–for your sedans and vans. Simple decals can be designed and strategically placed to make an impact while telling the world you a small business but ambitious! Full wraps are custom to show off your brand and convey your market position.
Wall murals–reinforce key messages and add visual interest to a space. For longer-term placements, wall murals can be any customized graphic, familiar scenery or as simple as big arrows pointing the way.
Window graphics–add color, fun and deflect birds. Pull in traffic with the latest specials or shield your interior space with engaging visuals while letting in light. 

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To see and read about more print jobs we’ve done, check out the 
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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Why follow the yellow brick road? Because it visually pulls you in!

Create your own yellow brick road to . . .  

. . . get booth traffic at a trade show
. . . pull in retail customers
. . . direct traffic in a movie theater
. . . welcome guests to your lobby
. . . route marathon traffic with colorful mile markers
. . . steer your event traffic to the right hotel meeting room
. . . entertain hockey and basketball fans
. . . designate safe zones in a manufacturing plant, print shop or any industrial setting
. . . differentiate your booth at a street festival
. . . brand the schools' gymnasium with the mascot to promote team spirit
. . . create visual interest at the local recreation center

Floor and street graphics are engaging, fun and can be used for the long term or for that one day event. SpeedPro Denver can design, print and install your custom job. We can also remove your graphics--fast and affordably. Here are just few examples of floor/street printing we've handled:

Give us a call at 303.426.4199 or write denver@speedprodenver.com
 to talk about your large format print jobs. We provide free estimates and will come to you!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Studio Stories from SpeedPro Denver

We've had an excellent year and want to share just a few 
Studio Stories about some of the many, many projects we proudly handled

Client: Senior Living Facilities
Vivage Senior Living first commissioned us to handle a fleet branding in 2012. Since then, we have completed more than 20 jobs including the printing and installation of graphics for vans, sedans and mini-buses, indoor and outdoor signage, directional signage, indoor and outdoor banners, and door and window signage. We have worked on-site at nearly 20 Vivage facilities throughout the state helping them with branding and re-branding newly acquired facilities.

Client: Event Planner for a Hotel Conference
Event Printing Handled by SpeedPro from Start to Finish: ExamSoft, a Dallas-based educational software company, held its third annual user Assessment Conference mid-June in the heart of downtown Denver over three days at the Marriott City Center. Attendees were welcomed to their conference by a colorful 20' banner and a large 8' x 3' retractable banner guiding them to their event. Held on two floors of the hotel, directional signage was used to steer traffic to the variety of workshops attendees could join. Other large 8' x 3' signs, were used to welcome them to Denver and to identify help desk locations. Table tents, networking breakfast table cards and a series of 13 different social/ice-breaker 11” x 17” signs were strategically placed around the two floors. Several 10' x 28" directional signs for the on-site cafĂ©, certification, and registration desks were part of the package. Podium signs, the special conference logo printed oversized and custom-cut completed the 360 view of the nearly 75 pieces SpeedPro Denver printed, delivered, installed and took down.

Client: Park & Rec Center
Zamboni’s, cars, trucks, trailers and boats--you name it, SpeedPro Denver can wrap it! In October we wrapped a Zamboni for Apex Park & Rec’s sponsor Great Clips. We also print ice-worthy dasher images for Apex including our own proud sponsor sign! 

Client: Government Agency
SpeedPro Denver has started delivering fun, colorfully wrapped 40 foot buses to Boulder County! We will be printing and installing full wraps for 20 buses with four different designs.

Client: Beverage Manufacturer
Coors Beer Promotes the Rockies on SpeedPro-Printed Banners: Tasked with printing hundreds of large format banners for Coors is business-as-usual for the Denver studio! We printed 400 banners; some 10 feet x 3 feet and some 6 feet x 3 feet long promoting the Rockies 2017 season at Coors Field.

Client: Museum
National Ballpark Museum added to our client roster: The "Best Kept Secret in Baseball," the prestigious National Ballpark Museum in LoDo commissioned us to cleverly transform this VW Beetle into a baseball! Located a short half-block from Coors Field, "If you are a baseball fan in general or are devoted to ballparks in particular, you owe it to yourself to visit this nationally recognized public museum," said Joe Mock from Baseballparks.com.

To see and read about more print jobs we’ve done,
check out the News & Awards page on our website
and view our extensive portfolio!

SpeedPro Denver 303-426.4199 
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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Happy Everything! 
Halloween, Thanksgiving, Holidays and New Year’s!

Get the feeling the universe wants us to be happy this time of year? 
Why else would “happy” be so prevalent in so many greetings?

Do you decorate the business and home for the holidays? We mean all the holidays coming right up! Four happy holidays in four months is a lot. Did you know you can do them all justice with re-useable materials and affordable graphics?

To celebrate Halloween, do you have a spooky bold window cling on the office door welcoming visitors and on the conference room windows to add a festive flair to the space? How about chilling floor graphics leading up to your office door guiding visitors to enter and meet their doom? At home you can soften the tone and hang a door banner on the big night drawing the little ones in without scaring them. How about vivid window clings that you can use year after year? Or even more unexpected, a series of spooky street graphics drawing trick-or-treater's to your door. 

For Thanksgiving, the lobby could be decorated with the calm, welcoming hues of the season with something as simple as a burnt-orange desk throw with a greeting and the company logo. A big poster in the lunch room announcing this years’ annual potluck date would be a great visual reminder to participate! At home, instead of the typical door wreath, how about a door banner with a big turkey on it or a banner hanging from your front bushes to welcome family and guests? Custom table throws for your out-of-town visitors are bound to impress!

We tend to go all-out at Christmas, decorating our workspace and homes interior and exterior. Your front desk could transform into a winter scene by simply putting a holiday-themed table throw over it! Add a skinny Santa in front of a "tree" made of foamcore to any smaller space to get in the spirit of the season. How about a faux fireplace to gather around and warm up the mood of the office? Re-useable window clings work for both home and office on glass and mirrors and make their own statement.

New Year’s is the easiest, shiniest holiday of all! Hang an over-sized banner decorated with images of party hats, champagne glasses and lots of confetti heralding at the office and then take it home! How about a printed oversize photo collage of your favorite 2017 selfies doing fun stuff to show off to your party guests? 

Here’s a short list of affordable printed items that can be re-used year after year 
(with proper care of course):

Glass Adhere™ Window Clings:  Choose outside looking in and/or inside looking out for glass surfaces or basic? You can put clings onto mirrors too!

Fabric Table/Desk Throws:  A colorful throw will transform your front desk and show visitors you have the holiday spirit and perk up your employees.

Poster Boards:  Seasonal messages such Spooky Lunchroom Potluck Today, Join Our Feast on Wednesday, and Save the Date December x for the Christmas Party are easy to store.

Hanging Banners:  Indoor or outdoor that can be cleaned, rolled up and stored until next year.

Retractable Banners:  In a stand so you can change out the message anytime--they roll up and store beautifully and can be easily moved about the lobby or the porch.

Magnets:  Oversized to freshen up the look of your fleet or personal auto, they are easy to remove and store.

Custom Foamcore Cut-Outs: Your logo sitting riding on a witches broom, your logo in a range of sizes filling a cornucopia, jiggling on Santa’s big belly full of jelly, screened behind “the” countdown clock. 

Here are more high-impact, low-cost ideas for printed promotional pieces:

Floor/street graphics with images of skeleton feet, a running turkey, sled marks, reindeer feet, stumbling revelers, the could go on and on!

Custom event graphics such as posters, banners and custom-cut foamcore images like your logo or a Christmas tree to stick against a wall—no messy needles to deal with!

Decals (that can be removed cleanly) added to your existing wall murals to celebrate the change of holiday.

Call us anytime for ideas!
303.426.4199 denver@speedprodenver.com www.speedprodenver.net

Glass Adhere is a trademark of Pro-Graphics Network LLC

Friday, September 8, 2017

Have a Banner Day!

In our studio, every day is a banner day! The familiar term "banner day" refers to a day being noteworthy or of hanging a banner of announcement, usually of good news.*

This is Part 3 of 3 on substrates:  Context is Everything 

We print banners for a range of settings including trade shows, to direct school traffic, announce auto sales, tout a blue-ribbon award, herald a Bronco’s win, for concerts and fairs, to hang in bars and on light poles and sign posts, and to publicly thank sponsors or participants. Again, it’s all about context. Do you want to hang a banner outdoors that will weather the elements for a year or even longer? Is there a one-time conference that commands custom pieces? We’ve got your solution!

The wide range of substrate options for banners includes:

Scrim:  Commonly used for outdoor signage since it is scratch- and water-resistant but can be penetrated for grommets for easy hanging. Scrim banners are made of vinyl and reinforced with polyester cording. The design is what gives it strength and durability. Its smooth, flat finish makes this surface ideal for large-format inkjet printing.

SoFlat®:   Described as scrim-less since this PVC substrate doesn’t have a scrim/base fabric. It is a non-curl substrate with a smooth, flat finish. It is typically used indoors because it is not scratch- or water-resistant. Commonly used for trade show, event and conference displays, it rolls up well. You see it use for many retractable banners.

Mesh:  Designed to let air blow through instead of flapping in the wind or tearing, this synthetic substrate can also be hemmed for a clean look and pierced to hold grommets. You see these on construction fences and at parks touting sporting and other events.

Canvas:  With a texture similar to a painting canvas, this substrates has a softer feel and is “natural” on the non-print side and painted white on the print side. While not as glossy as some other options, canvas is a common choice for setting that demand a more classic look; your bank or inside hotels.

Heavy Duty:   Ideal for fluttering flags that will go with the wind instead of fighting it, this vinyl substrate has high tear resistance due to the multi-layer design. Typically hemmed and with grommets, it is also ideal for prints that will be inserted into re-usable frames to announce the current sale or holiday specials.

Smooth:   Designed for indoor use, smooth banners are defined by their levelness that allows for pressure consistency in printing. That leads to crisp images—even when viewed very close up. Available in a matte finish and can be printed on both sides.

SpeedPro Denver designed, printed and installed this special recognition banner and building wrap at St. Mary's Academy in Littleton
SpeedPro Denver printed 400 banners for Coors!

We hope you have enjoyed our substrates series
Topic suggestions are always welcome!




*source: answers.com
SoFlat is a registered trademark of Soyang

Monday, July 24, 2017

Context is Everything Continues with Window, Wall and Floor Graphic Substrates

Enjoy Part 2 of our substrates series and as always, 
feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Window Graphics 

You see this substrate used in every size imaginable. It might be a basic circle a few inches in diameter or a large sheet covering an entire floor-to-ceiling glass window. You see it everywhere on retail windows and at entertainment venues promoting seasonal and even daily specials, the latest acts or movies, announcing new sales, closeouts, and as logos on any glass surface.

Glass Adhere™ is a choice option for window graphics. This newer product uses a technology more advanced than the familiar static clings. Glass Adhere has micro-suction cups on one side and can be used over and over since it is removable and reusable. It is also water resistant, fade resistant, cleanable (even with glass cleaners), and 99% bubble free. This evolution in window graphics also allows for full bleed printing--no need to design in that white border to save trimming costs. It is available in 1st (outside looking in) and 2nd (inside looking out) surface options. While it is a peel-and-place product, professional installation is typically suggested. Other window graphic materials include static clings in both clear and solid backed options, and static clings with perforated window film. 

Wall Graphics

You've see wall murals used extensively for decorative purposes (Thanks for your patronage) or to inform or distract (does the view from your dreaded dentist chair offer calming graphics on the ceiling?) but they also work to create advertising space that can engage and entertain (it’s impossible to ignore those ads on the sides of brick buildings isn't it?).

When considering a wall mural, the texture of the surface is the most important component to evaluate. Is it a smooth office hallway wall, a mall barrier or the outside of a brick building? Depending on the placement, you may have options for the finish to consider too:  do you want a low-glare matte, a high luster for maximum shine, or a fabric canvas-type rugged finish to add texture to a flat surface? Think of wall graphics as custom wallpaper. Your artwork can be printed on this substrate that goes edge-to-edge and floor-to-ceiling. Here are some of the material options:

Vinyl Film is the choice workhorse of many a print shop and can be produced as either a cast or calendered film. The basic ingredients are the same, but the manufacturing process and type of plasticizers used result in significant differences. Cast films are considered the industry premium whereas calendered film may be chosen for cost rather than durability. If you want your long-term signage to stand up to the elements, choose cast films. For the monthly special, calendared film will do the job.

Photo Tex™ is an indoor adhesive-backed fabric that sticks to any non-porous flat surface
creating seamless images. Available in rolls up to 54” wide x 100’, it is reusable and repositionable. Photo Tex works indoors or out, it will not
shrink, wrinkle or rip in any temperature or climate change. It easily wraps around corners and poles. You see it often in restaurants, retail settings and offices.

RoughRAP™ is a durable vinyl ideal for covering textured walls like brick, concrete, wood, wood paneling, and cinderblock. Textured walls, while more challenging to install graphics onto, often come across looking painted but are installed without the hassle of trying to evenly saturate a brick or cinderblock surface. And, the graphics are easier to remove than paint! RoughRAP can provide full coverage or be contour cut into any custom shape you want. It can also be used to add a special event announcement or logo to an existing mural.
Floor Graphics

Materials for floor graphics have evolved along with advances in print technology. Installation and removal times have sped up and demand has grown for this inexpensive but interesting branding option. “Floor” in this context includes concrete, asphalt, commercial grade carpets, laminated vinyl, wood, brick, and even some tile. Surfaces that can grip and maintain graphics are nearly endless.

Floor graphics are also popular as welcome mats (that no one will trip on) greeting customers with a logo and cheery message, at convention centers and event venues to provide directions and steer the flow of traffic, with retailers and restaurants to showcase seasonal specials, and they can entertain elevator riders by adding an interesting distraction or key messaging during the wait. Affordable for weddings and other special events, floor graphics are also popular with car dealerships. Shopping mall managers can use floor graphics to encourage and entertain their customers who are walking up a flight a stairs by telling a short story to keep them going! Every surface is an opportunity. 

Drytac Interlam™ is a high tac vinyl laminate and ideal for short-term outdoor applications. If you participate in any of the countless foot races around the country, you’ve seen graphics that went down that morning and were pulled up that night. The material used to print on was likely provided by Drytac. They offer a complete line of pressure-sensitive over-laminating films coated with an aqueous (water-based) adhesive--ideal for short-term outdoor applications. 

LexJet® offers a line of adhesive vinyl products designed for wide format printers to produce over-sized floor graphics that go down cleanly (with the right tools and training, of course) and come up without leaving a trace. 

G-Floor Graphics from Better Life Technology LLC offers custom-printable vinyl sheet materials including long-term flooring (visualize a high school gym or a dance studio floor that can take a pounding without showing wear—it may be a G-Floor Ultraflex graphic) and repositionable floors that can be custom-cut for your logo or promotional messages (imagine a trade show booth floor in place for the short-term but it’s reusable!).

Our next blog will cover the many options to consider when ordering BANNERS!

Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime with questions about these or other substrates you are considering at denver@speedprodenver.com, 303.426.4199 or www.speedprodenver.net

We always welcome your suggestions for topics and specific materials
to cover in future blogs as well.

Glass Adhere is a trademark of Pro-Graphics Network, LLC
Photo Tex is a trademark of the Photo Tex Group, Inc. 
RoughRAP is a trademark of Mactac
Interlam is a trademark of Drytac

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Context is Everything

When we talk to our customers and future customers about print jobs, we tend to ask a lot of questions that sometimes may seem taxing but they all serve a purpose: to recommend the most appropriate substrate for the job.

As you probably know, the substrate is the underlying material, for example, foam core or metal, to be selected based on how a given printed piece will be used and where it will be placed.

So describe the context for us:  Will it be installed on the side of building, on a construction zone fence, on a box truck or in a small conference room, trade show booth or adhered to a jar or bottle? Do you want it to weather Colorado’s four seasons or will be it be used for one short event? Then we can talk about your substrate options.

We will be covering substrates over a couple of blogs; there are so many--and so many uses--we can’t do this topic justice in just one! This first blog will focus on some of the most widely used indoor and outdoor substrates:

Indoor:  Foam Core, ULTRA BOARD, Styrene and PVC

Foam Core (aka foam board) is a very strong, lightweight and easily cut material. It consists of three layers — an inner layer of polystyrene clad with outer facing of either a white clay coated paper or brown Kraft paper.* Available in approx. 1/8” and 3/16” thicknesses, a variety of colors and sizes up to 96" x 48", is it choice material for signage that will be used for a short time only such as periodic meetings, trade shows and special events.

ULTRA BOARD is idea for indoors. ULTRA BOARD is a lightweight structural panel consisting of a rigid polystyrene foam core faced on both sides by a smooth, moisture resistant sheet of solid polystyrene.** Available in a variety of thicknesses from 3/16” to 1”, it can be cut with a standard table saw into any custom shape and is an excellent choice for signage, photo mounting, exhibits, and point-of-purchase displays.

Styrene is plastic and suitable for indoor and outdoor short-term applications. It is sometimes called poster board and is considered one of the best surfaces for large format photography prints. This product is resistant to weather (but not long-term UV exposure), bumps, drops and scratches while being lightweight and flexible. It is delivered in large flat sheets and then custom cut into any shape. Available in a variety of thickness and sizes it can be printed on both sides. 

PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) is a plastic durable and lightweight material available in a variety of colors, sizes and in rigid and flexible formats. This workhorse material can be shaped from 4’ x 8’ sheets into custom designs and is a good choice for short-term exterior uses. You see it everywhere as directional signage, at retail, in meeting rooms, and in grocery stores as shelf signs.

OutdoorMax-metal/Dibond and Coroplast

Max-metal and Dibond are used often for rugged environments (building and road construction sites) and for signs that will stay up and out for years (Don’t Feed the Animals, Joe's Bistro). Max-metal is two paper-thin sheets of aluminum with a black plastic core. Dibond is an aluminum composite material (ACM) of two pre-painted sheets of 0.012” aluminum with a solid polyethylene core. Indoor applications include retail cabinet signs, menu boards and an endless number of posters. You can get metal or aluminum signs printed in full color and in any size and shape you want!

Coroplast is a corrugated plastic similar in structure to corrugated cardboard and available in sheets up to 5’ x 10’. Produced to print on flatbed printers, coroplast is widely used for political signs, real estate signs, sport-themed cutouts, event signs and other shaped signs.

Our next blog will cover materials for walls, windows and floors. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime with questions about these or other substrates you are considering at denver@speedprodenver.com, 303.426.4199 or www.speedprodenver.net. We also welcome your suggestions for topics and materials to cover.

Coroplast is a registered trademark of Coroplast, LLC
Dibond is a registered trademark of 3A Composites USA