Thursday, April 13, 2017

Context is Everything

When we talk to our customers and future customers about print jobs, we tend to ask a lot of questions that sometimes may seem taxing but they all serve a purpose: to recommend the most appropriate substrate for the job.

As you probably know, the substrate is the underlying material, for example, foam core or metal, to be selected based on how a given printed piece will be used and where it will be placed.

So describe the context for us:  Will it be installed on the side of building, on a construction zone fence, on a box truck or in a small conference room, trade show booth or adhered to a jar or bottle? Do you want it to weather Colorado’s four seasons or will be it be used for one short event? Then we can talk about your substrate options.

We will be covering substrates over a couple of blogs; there are so many--and so many uses--we can’t do this topic justice in just one! This first blog will focus on some of the most widely used indoor and outdoor substrates:

Indoor:  Foam Core, ULTRA BOARD, Styrene and PVC

Foam Core (aka foam board) is a very strong, lightweight and easily cut material. It consists of three layers — an inner layer of polystyrene clad with outer facing of either a white clay coated paper or brown Kraft paper.* Available in approx. 1/8” and 3/16” thicknesses, a variety of colors and sizes up to 96" x 48", is it choice material for signage that will be used for a short time only such as periodic meetings, trade shows and special events.

ULTRA BOARD is idea for indoors. ULTRA BOARD is a lightweight structural panel consisting of a rigid polystyrene foam core faced on both sides by a smooth, moisture resistant sheet of solid polystyrene.** Available in a variety of thicknesses from 3/16” to 1”, it can be cut with a standard table saw into any custom shape and is an excellent choice for signage, photo mounting, exhibits, and point-of-purchase displays.

Styrene is plastic and suitable for indoor and outdoor short-term applications. It is sometimes called poster board and is considered one of the best surfaces for large format photography prints. This product is resistant to weather (but not long-term UV exposure), bumps, drops and scratches while being lightweight and flexible. It is delivered in large flat sheets and then custom cut into any shape. Available in a variety of thickness and sizes it can be printed on both sides. 

PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) is a plastic durable and lightweight material available in a variety of colors, sizes and in rigid and flexible formats. This workhorse material can be shaped from 4’ x 8’ sheets into custom designs and is a good choice for short-term exterior uses. You see it everywhere as directional signage, at retail, in meeting rooms, and in grocery stores as shelf signs.

OutdoorMax-metal/Dibond and Coroplast

Max-metal and Dibond are used often for rugged environments (building and road construction sites) and for signs that will stay up and out for years (Don’t Feed the Animals, Joe's Bistro). Max-metal is two paper-thin sheets of aluminum with a black plastic core. Dibond is an aluminum composite material (ACM) of two pre-painted sheets of 0.012” aluminum with a solid polyethylene core. Indoor applications include retail cabinet signs, menu boards and an endless number of posters. You can get metal or aluminum signs printed in full color and in any size and shape you want!

Coroplast is a corrugated plastic similar in structure to corrugated cardboard and available in sheets up to 5’ x 10’. Produced to print on flatbed printers, coroplast is widely used for political signs, real estate signs, sport-themed cutouts, event signs and other shaped signs.

Our next blog will cover materials for walls, windows and floors. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime with questions about these or other substrates you are considering at, 303.426.4199 or We also welcome your suggestions for topics and materials to cover.

Coroplast is a registered trademark of Coroplast, LLC
Dibond is a registered trademark of 3A Composites USA

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Affordable, Easy Transformations

It’s nearly spring! For some, it’s time to start planning spring gardens and freshening up interiors with lighter, brighter colors. Along those same lines, it might be the right time to start thinking about visual transformations you can make at your workplace. Investments in colorful graphics can pay premiums in increasing brand awareness, reinforcing a brand, or a thoughtful way to introduce a new brand within an existing product or service “family.” You already know that color matters, so do a quick audit of your surroundings to make sure you are using it to your competitive advantage.

Create Drama Using Color!

Using the tried-and-true color wheel to plan your own color scheme is the right place to start any design project. After you decide on your primary color, the additions to your palette will show themselves. Are you promoting chocolate brown coffee? A saturated green is a great complement (sound familiar coffee lovers?). If your setting has a natural wood texture, only saturated colors will do! If your setting is clear, for example, a lobby door, you can add color and even keep it transparent.

If your logo is driving all designs and is a comfortable, familiar blue, consider adding warm colors like red, yellow, orange and beige to supporting graphics. Besides complementing your blue, those color choices will make it pop even more. If your logo is already in the warm color family, then add a splash of a cold color; green, blue or gray.

Pastels work great on eye-level store-front windows or on posters and handouts but when designing for large format print, think saturation. A bright cobalt blue instead a soft light blue makes a significant visual difference—especially on a large scale.

Try reversing out your logo to white or black and put it against a bold, bright background to keep your look fresh.

SpeedPro Imaging of Denver specializes in transformations and would like the opportunity to bid on yours. We turn cars into baseballs, brick walls into announcements to show off blue ribbon awards, and non-descript escalator rides into colorful trips down Bourbon Street.

We’ve worked with hospitals, corporations, golf courses, advertising agencies, telecomm companies, casinos, schools, hotels, real estate agencies, sports teams, lawyers, and shopping centers to visually add interest to retail windows, business lobbies, conference rooms, hallways, elevators (doors and interiors) and escalators, and all types of windows (inside and out).

Then, our clients come back to us to provide great big graphics for internal and external special events and to wrap their fleets

Check out our impressive and extensive portfolio then contact us at 303.426.4199, or

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Use Walls and Windows to Maximize Your Brand Messages

Add vivid color, bright visuals and key messages to your business, school or entertainment venue with window graphics and wall murals. Affordable, easy to install and easy to change, you can order custom graphics for timely events, seasonal messaging, or for long-time placements. 

Transformations Made Easy
  • See any blank spaces in restaurants, hospitals, schools and school auditoriums, casinos, concert halls, business lobbies, movie theatres or offices?
  • Currently walking down long, beige hallways with small framed photos?
  • Trying to keep your customers visually engaged as they roam around your venue without interfering with your primary branding?
These are prime spaces for wall murals! Murals are typically printed on a laminate that is well-designed to stick to a vertical surface and stay in place, but is also formulated to be easily removed.

Golden Mardi Gras Casino called on SpeedPro Denver to print and install four very colorful and engaging 37 x 11 foot wall murals for escalator riders to enjoy. Our own experienced team of two completed the job in a mere 12 hours in Blackhawk. 

Kaiser Permanente regularly has SpeedPro Denver print and install barrier panels at Cherry Creek Mall. We’ve worked with them for years on this and many other large format graphic projects.

Cost-Efficient and Flexible
  • See lots of boring, generic “we sell stuff” messages?
  • See any store fronts that haven’t changed in years?
  • See any windows that should be providing a level of privacy to the inhabitants that aren’t?

These are prime spaces for window graphics! Transform a plain storefront into a powerful marketing tool with custom, colorful and engaging graphics. Choose from frosted or clear-back image window graphics, window perfs, and window clings that are single (First Surface outside looking in) or double (the Second Surface inside looking out). We use a new, reusable window film called Glass Adhere. This product uses a technology different than traditional “static” clings. It has micro-suction cups on one side, and can be used over and over--allowing you to rotate images regularly. If it ever becomes dirty, simply wash off it off and reapply.

We’ll talk about your objectives for freshening your window graphics and then suggest solutions for one window or for all of them! All our work is custom and your job can be printed and installed in a matter of days. Benefit from our extensive experience, contact us today for your free consultation. 

A sophisticated but modern look using affordable, impactful frosted window graphics conveys to visitors that details matter to you. Global fleet managers ARI chose to use its globe logo and added the bold arrows to project their positioning as forward-thinking professionals.

Want to make a memorable impression without overwhelming your audience with your logo? Cavender’s chose this photo of horses which beautifully expresses their Wild West offerings!

SpeedPro Imaging of Denver has worked with hospitals, schools, corporations, advertising agencies, casinos, real estate companies, lawyers, and shopping centers to visually add interest to lobbies, conference rooms, hallways, elevators (doors and interiors), windows (inside and out), and cafeterias. Then, our clients come back to us to provide great big graphics for internal and external special events and to wrap their fleets! Check out our impressive and extensive portfolio then contact us at 303.426.4199, or

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Businesses Should Set New Year’s Resolutions Too!

Compared to challenging personal resolutions we often make like quitting smoking or losing weight, here are three easily obtainable New Year’s Resolutions for your business:

1.    Save your company money:  Invest the time to listen to new vendor’s pitches—they will most likely cut you great deals to win your business. Then, negotiate prices for the biggest buying picture for the year, the quarter, whatever time frame makes sense. Changing suppliers can be stressful and risky so check websites for testimonials and, of course, Google and Yelp for more first-hand feedback on your prospective partner. Then, build those relationships throughout the year by sending the new vendor the business!

2.    Clean out unused office equipment and supplies (you will never ever need those countless hanging folders again, really):  Give and get by donating those valuable items then promote your goodwill internally and through local media outlets. Or, sell off the items and donate the proceeds to a local school, food bank or other organization that fits with your company culture. Maybe use the funds to support an in-house celebration in a now-spacious lunchroom or supply room?!

3.    Freshen up the visual appeal of your business:  By thoughtfully placing affordable wall murals, canvas prints and floor graphics with attractive, relevant signage, you can effectively use your wall and floor space to reinforce your branding with the key messages you want to convey to your employees and visitors. Check out How the Color of Your Office Impacts ProductivityHow the Color of Your Office Impacts Productivity published by Entrepreneur Magazine for more information on color theory.

These resolutions are a piece of cake compared to dieting! (Did someone just say cake?!)

SpeedPro Imaging of Denver has worked with hospitals, schools, corporations, advertising agencies, casinos, real estate companies, lawyers, and shopping centers to visually add interest to lobbies, conference rooms, hallways, elevators (doors and interiors), windows (inside and out), and cafeterias. 

Then our clients come back to us to provide great big graphics for internal and external special events and to wrap their fleets! 

Check out our impressive and extensive portfolio then contact us at 303.426.4199, or

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Convey Your Business’ Market Position with Your Vehicles

When you arrive at your customer’s residence and expect to be welcomed and trusted to be let onto their property, you better believe they are looking closely at your vehicle. So use it to claim your market position.

If your business is named Budget Plumbing, a few simple decals with your logo, phone number and web address are appropriate and what bargain-hunters want to see and will choose. On the other end of the scale, if you’re a high-end bathroom remodeler, for example, you can show two key visuals that tell a before and after story and still have room to list the high-end neighborhoods you serve (or want to!). 

If you’re in real estate, you can convey the type of listings you want with the impression your vehicle gives off:  a Mini Cooper with cheery decals conveys fun and modern but frugal; a fully wrapped Lexus with metallic accents projects high-end and successful. 

It’s Your Reputation and Your Vendors
Your wrap graphic designer/printer/installer should understand that your reputation is riding on the quality and visual interest your wrap conveys. If you’re a memory care facility, a calm palette with basic information may be appropriate. If you’re a hard rock radio station, well, the sky’s the limit.

At the same time, your vendors’ reputation is out there every day too. Is the install done perfectly? Do all the colors match exactly from truck to truck? What about maintenance? How will wraps affect the paint or not? What about removing the wrap because the company logo changed or they want to up their market position?

You can use your vehicle wrap to differentiate your brand from competitors by showing something unexpected or memorable such as a clever tagline or a one-line quote from a satisfied customer. By doing that thoughtfully, you can reinforce your brand and market position so what your customers think of you and what you want them to think become more closely aligned.

SpeedPro Imaging of Denver has worked with a fleet of one and fleets of 600. We’ve got your vehicles covered, you focus on your customers. Reach us at 303.426.4199,, or

Monday, September 26, 2016

Retailers, We’ve Got Your Signage Covered: Inside, Outside, Offsite and On the Move

Let’s take a walk in your prospects shoes to “see” what they see:

We walk into a new store. The storefront images were eye-catching and we see an engaging graphic on the ground. We are intrigued enough to open the door with the business’ logo on it. There is a second entry with another transparent panel. There, we notice a frosted version of the logo prominently displayed.

After entry, signage behind the check-out and at counter-level is keeping us engaged, visually directing us and encouraging us to purchase.

As we move through the store, we see the logo boldly placed on glass jars and baggie labels for smaller items. We notice that even items like lighters and free samples are branded!

 We make our purchase and notice the clerk is tucking our items into a bag with a logo’d decal. Then, a custom “Thank You for Shopping at Acme” sign is the last impression as we walk out the door.

Now let’s go behind the scenes as the owner or store manager:

Off the retail floor, you may need signage in the form of high tack adhesive labels for inventory management, and poster-sized informational signs with employee rules. We also find fun, motivating messages about the stores’ culture.

Heading outside, there are many more branding opportunities:

If you’ve noticed colorful vehicles strategically parked but don’t yet have fully wrapped mobile advertising or even simple door decals, you are missing out on an inexpensive but highly effective opportunity. And, if you own the building or can lease any outdoor surfaces, visualize wall murals you have seen from down the street and see your own brand there!

Are fairs and festivals part of your marketing mix? Do you host parking lot events? Your logo’d tents with fluttering flags and tables with customized throws, skirts and runners are sure to enhance your visibility with a welcoming look that drives traffic.

SpeedPro Imaging of Denver can design, print and install every item listed in this blog for your shop. Reach us at 303.426.4199, or

Monday, September 12, 2016

Question: How to Confidently Manage Your Event Planning Long-Distance?

Answer: Hire a local company that’s been there and done that countless times!

You’re an event planner and you love it. As the conductor waving your wand over suppliers, you thrive on the pressure of managing your event that’s going to take place in Denver from your East Coast location. So on the checklist with all your large format printing needs listed, choose a locally based, proven printer, and keep your focus on putting bodies in the seats.

In the early stages of your event planning, taking a virtual walk-through of any venue without flying out is a great option to increase your comfort level. Plan and address those details of the visual path your attendees will take using a variety of apps like Google Duo, Tango and ooVoo Video Call. These walk-throughs from your out-of-state location are a breeze with a local printer! And, a local printer will know the venues rule and regs for hanging signs, options for wayfinding signs, podium signage, oversized agendas, oversized speaker promo boards and trade show booths. 
Hiring local also gives you the benefit their familiarity with the in’s and out’s of delivering to all the big venues and hotels around the metro area. For example, at the Colorado Convention Center, deliveries for trade show booths without being an attendee must go to a specific security gate to ensure the delivery gets to the booth in very short order. Conversely, at The Denver Mart, print vendors can hand-carry deliveries right to your meeting room or booth.

Choose SpeedPro Imaging of Denver and you’ll experience the same high-level of service as our two clients’ quoted on this blog!  Reach us at 303.426.4199, or